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Favorite Way to Clear My Energy

Clearing my energy is a topic that I am passionate about because it is essential for my wellbeing.
Since as far back as I can remember I have felt other people's emotions, physical ailments and mental states as if they are my own. I had no idea that this was happening until I was in my mid twenties. I would feel emotional and have no idea what was bothering me, I would feel nauseous or heavy. I had a very hard time anchoring into my own energy. This need for self healing left me vulnerable to other's energy. One way I coped was to self medicate which only made it worse. Thankfully, in my early twenties I began to hear a call deep within that the life I was leading could be more. That I could transform and shift to feel love and connection all the time. And I was right! And so began my journey to discovering my delightful self. If you feel sensitive to other's energy you are most likely an empath or clairsentient like myself. You can listen to more about it in the video. A …

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