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Fast Way to Feel Free

One of my favorite values and motivations in my life is freedom. That means breaking through any patterns or ways of being that are holding me back and being authentically me. I have had lots of practice at this over the last two decades as I have been sober for 14 years, have healed trauma, PTSD, codependency, and have created a life that I dream of. I have healed many physical ailments through shifting consciousness and energy healing, and have found a way to offer my unique gift to the world and not hide anymore who I am. Each area of my life that I transformed felt as if how could this area of my life heal and change? It was hard to have faith and believe that something that I couldn't access would be mine eventually. Change can be complex and a process no doubt, but the key element that created freedom for me was the willingness to listen to the guidance and take action from that guidance. In this video I share my experience about taking action to share my work with these vi…

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