Create Your Signature Phone Number to Your Delightful Self

Wanted to share a powerful, yet simple exercise to create a prayer that aligns you specifically with your delightful self. Connecting to your delightful self brings more confidence, love, joy, peace and flow in your life.

When I first began my spiritual practice I was taught prayers to connect with the divine and my guides and I used these prayers for years. But as you recite prayers that come from others they are not your signature vibration. Over the summer I did a training with Gabrielle Bernstein and she had an exercise where we created our own prayer by writing down our spiritual experiences and it was amazing! I have had some major movement in my own awakening and experience of my delightful self and I believe my signature prayer played a huge part in this. The reason I like calling a prayer a signature phone number because that is what a prayer is, an invocation or call to the divine. Now there are all sorts of prayers but this one is designed to align you with your specific experience of your delightful self. Please share your experience or reach out if you would like support in creating yours and deepening your connection with your delightful self, reach out! Enjoy


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