Tip for Moms on How to Remain Centered When Overwhelmed

Week 3 of summer vacation is here, fun, sun and a little more chaos as we adjust to a new routine. My highest intention is to live each day connected to joy, being in the moment and enjoying the beauty in each day. A practice to help me center in this experience is after my meditation I ask my higher guidance for help and insight around an area of my life that is a challenge. As a mom one of my biggest tests is to stay in the moment and calm when things hit what I call the swirl which happens about every two hours since I have twin two year olds and a five year old. The swirl can happen on the drop of a dime, everyone is having fun, playing and then it's like, left turn into a different reality where one child is having a tantrum over something that upset him, the other needs to sit on the potty and the third just fell down and needs you right this second too. The swirl typically lasts 10-20 minutes until everyone settles back into the happy hum of a new activity. This video is about a practice anyone can do in the middle of the swirl where you feel completely overwhelmed. In my life I use it during my day with my kids but you can do it in any situation you feel stressed or overwhelmed. Try it and let me know how it works either in the comments or you can email me at april@aprilwaldman.com. 


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