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Sacred Space; raising the vibe

In 1994 I was initiated into the second degree of Reiki and was the first time I learned how to clear the energy in a space making it sacred. The second degree of Reiki has symbols you learn that you  draw into the space that shift the energy back to the frequency of love. As I practiced this technique of drawing symbols I would also get the benefit of my vibration lifting as I would feel my third eye open and could feel the energy in the space with my palm chakra feel into the frequency held there in the space. All spaces, as well as every inanimate and animate object emanate energy. Spaces are interesting because energy can get trapped so it is important to move the energy with space clearing, Feng Shui, opening the windows and bringing love into your space. Over the years I have practiced with Reiki symbols, smudging with different kinds of herbs, working with St Germaine's violet flame, chanting, and essential oils are great too. The space clearing I love the most because i

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